Thursday, 5 April 2012

ok so every now and then i find a song i like & I could put them on fb, for example have thought of doing a few lines of a lyric a day type thing but i really didnt want lots of pple having opinions so am starting small here. sometimes i may just post a lyric here and there or sometimes i may post a video i've found.

so lets see if this works... for my first song to share i thought i'd do a utube clip i found a while back that is a well known song but done in a different style.... broadway 'pokerface' by idina menzel who is in glee, wicked & rent.


  1. btw pokerface i know its a terrible song... i like how she does it - her arrangement/voice & how she makes fun of the song and herself in her story - kat

  2. Haha, you now have a song in my head!