Saturday, 28 April 2012

ok im posting this for myself more then anyone else. its a song from the same tumblr as the last two were from but i cant find it on itunes so cant listen to it without having to log onto that tumblr which i keep forgetting which one it is so thought i'd post it here so i could come here and listen to it instead whenever i wanted.

self diagnosis part - i've noticed the songs i like or the parts of songs i like really dont make sense. lol. they are just random words put to a nice tune... oh well.

Friday, 13 April 2012

ok i cant choose between two songs so putting them both up. i dont know if these songs are well known or not but i hadnt heard them. then one night was looking at a tumblr site while i had accidentally left my earphones in. the site had music in the background and these two songs were on it. never heard them before that night but now are part of my ipod favs.


Thursday, 5 April 2012

ok a nicer song than pokerface to show... another 'actor/singer' leighton meester. song is called 'words i couldnt say'.

ok so every now and then i find a song i like & I could put them on fb, for example have thought of doing a few lines of a lyric a day type thing but i really didnt want lots of pple having opinions so am starting small here. sometimes i may just post a lyric here and there or sometimes i may post a video i've found.

so lets see if this works... for my first song to share i thought i'd do a utube clip i found a while back that is a well known song but done in a different style.... broadway 'pokerface' by idina menzel who is in glee, wicked & rent.